South Dakota State University and/or the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds will not be held responsible for any loss by death, injury, crippling, bruises, theft, or condemnation.

This show is sanctioned  under the South Dakota Jr. Points Association. For more information on these rules please reference their website: 


1. SDSU Block and Bridle and/or the SDSU Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.


2. If a W-9 form has not been received and completed correctly 10 days, your prize money will be forfeited. 


3. All entry fees are non-refundable.


4. If there are not at least 5 animals in a respective division, they will be shown in the AOB division.

5. Pumping, artificial hair, and/or drugging cattle will not be tolerated and will not be allowed to show.


6. For safety, the show committee will request that dangerous animals be removed. If an animal gets away more than 3 times, they will be asked to be removed from the barns. 


7. No generators are allowed in the barns.


8. Animals will not be allowed to enter the class once the gate has closed. 


9. Stalling and chute space in the barn is first come, first serve. 


10. Only exhibitors that are participating in the breeding or market shows may compete in showmanship with a calf entered under their name.

11. Tattoos will not be checked on the animals at check-in but any animal is subject to tattoo and registration paper verification upon request of the committee. However, registration papers must be shown at check-in.

12. There will be a scale available at check-in. Weight cards will be available at the check-in table. You must hand in your weight cards to the committee members before 8:00 am on Sunday morning. If your steer does not weight back in 5% of his weight, the animal will be disqualified. All champion and reserve division steers, must be weighed at the completion of the division.

13. Valid Protest Rule- if you have a protest about an animal, you must put down a $100 deposit. If your protest about an animal is accurate, you will receive your $100 back, if not the show will keep your $100.