COVID-19 Protocols

The following guidelines have been put in place in accordance with South Dakota State University requirements and the recommendation of the CDC and WHO regarding social distancing and public health. Attendees should review the current CDC and WHO guidelines prior to the event and refrain from attending the show if they have been in contact with anyone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms within the last 14 days, have a fever or other symptoms, or are immune compromised. An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any setting where people are present.

Exhibitors, Attendees and Arenas


     • Face protection/face coverings are REQUIRED per South Dakota State University and SDBOR guidelines. Exhibitors and              attendees are required to wear face protection/face coverings in all indoor areas, including but not limited to the arena,              stands, show office, trade show, barn and bathrooms.

     • Social-distancing outdoors is required at all times. No exceptions will be allowed.

     • Follow CDC guidance if symptoms develop.

     • Put 6-feet between yourself and people who are not from your same household or household contact. Remember that                some people without symptoms may be able to spread the virus.

     • Exhibitors must keep at least 6-feet of space between each other at all times.

     • Arena entrances/exits will be arranged so that exhibitors are not coming in close contact entering and exiting the arenas.          Loitering is not permitted around the gate line up areas.

     • Exhibitors shall maintain social-distancing guidelines at all times including but not limited to the lineup and show arenas. 

     • The Event is not open to the general public. Exhibitors are encouraged to limit the number of people in their group.

     • Only one person is permitted to accompany an exhibitor in the lineup area.

     • No foot traffic or spectators will be allowed at the in-gates. Participants that are not exhibiting an animal in the arena                  must go to the stands to watch the class, while wearing facial protection. 

     • Those seated in the stands will be asked to adhere to the signs that say where spectators can and cannot sit.

     • Exhibitors, attendees and staff must abide by these social-distancing and health protocols; failure to follow protocols                  could result in removal from the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds and the forfeiture of fees.